Just like our skin color, each of us has a unique tooth color. This tone cannot be changed by known brushing methods, no matter how frequent teeth are brushed and cleaned. Moreover, over time, some discoloration occurs. These colorations occur for two reasons;
1- Excessive consumption of tea, coffee, cigarettes, cola etc. creates discoloration on the enamel surface,
2- Internal factors; this is the dentin layer under the enamel. Dentin is a dense and transparent layer that gives the original color to the tooth. This layer thickens depending on time and age. The enamel layer wears off and gets thinner. This causes the color of teeth to darken over time. This color change is a physiological phenomenon.

Staining caused by external factors can be easily removed by the dentist by polishing them with cleaning pastes and polishing pastes. However, it is not suggested by the dentists that the clients with this type coloring problem to use various whitening and brightening pastes and powders sold
in markets and pharmacies because uncontrolled use will cause scratches and abrasions on the tooth enamel.
Bleaching process is recommended to lighten the tooth coloration caused by various internal or external factors. Office bleaching application is performed safely in our clinic as it is under the control of dentist and immediate change can be observed at the end of the application.
Please consult your dentist to find out if bleaching is suitable for you.