Bonding Treatment

Bonding application is an adhesive system applied to change the color and shape of teeth. In other words, they are aesthetic fillings applied using special composite materials containing microfile and Nano-particles. The shapes and colors of the teeth can be changed by applying these agents to the surface of the teeth with minimal abrasion, and in some cases even without the need for any abrasion. Because of the minimal loss of material in the teeth, bonding applications are often preferred in preventive dentistry. These bonding treatment applications can obtain satisfactory results in a single session with aesthetic fillings applied in a single session even without the need for anesthesia most of the times, makes bonding treatments attractive for the patient.

Bonding and Aesthetic Fillers
Dental bonding is a composite filling material used for aesthetic purposes. By applying these materials to the surface of the teeth with adhesive bonding materials with high bond strength, it is possible to close the small gaps in the teeth called diastema, reshape the teeth and close the natural damage on the enamel surface.
Since composite filling materials are in various colors and shades, they easily adapt to your tooth’s own color. It has high polishability properties. Thus, by applying minimal abrasion, your teeth can have a more aesthetic appearance in a single session.
All the materials we use in our clinic are approved by the FDA, ADA and the Turkish Ministry of Health.