Zirconium Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and bridges are one of the frequently used treatments in dentistry to provide aesthetics and function. Sometimes crown / bridge restorations are prepared to fill a missing tooth cavity, to restore a damaged tooth, or to cover the teeth all around and sometimes done due to purely aesthetic concerns.

While preparing these protective covers, porcelain cannot be used alone due to its fragility. It must contain a durable substrate. In other words, in a porcelain coating, a material other than porcelain is needed inside the coating.

When this material is metal, it creates a matt and gray barrier that is opaque to light. In zirconium oxide crowns, this layer is white and often has a more harmonious appearance as it is close to the original tooth.
Zirconium, the symbol of which is Zr, is a silvery-white colored, hygienic material with a very low allergy risk, and it is three times harder than iron. The search for aesthetics and naturalness combined with function and durability in dentistry has spread the application of zirconium crowns and bridges in recent years.